Portable Flightline / Motor Pool Power Carts

US Magnetics is now offering portable power carts of several output power capacities. With standard 12 Vdc and 24 Vdc battery outputs as well as optional AC outputs, Top-Flight® and Top-Fleet® power carts are suitable for both aircraft ground support and motor pool fleet maintenance. On-board smart battery charger operates from universal input. Standard 24V NATO power receptacle allows quick jump-starting of military or industrial engines. Industry-standard 12V Anderson connectors allow jump-starting of 12V vehicles, or operation of 12V accessories without the need to start the vehicle or operate a generator. Rugged SLA batteries are FAA approved for air transport. Optional single phase or three phase solid-state AC inverter output is available with optional programmable variable frequency control from 47-800Hz – allowing the quiet operation of a wide range of aircraft, ground-support or test equipment. Our rugged cart chassis and enclosure is built entirely in-house by our partner company Preferred Chassis Fabrication of Tucson, AZ. Large, 10 inch casters are foam-filled for reliable, flat-free service over uneven terrain. Available with GSE style lunette hitch with braking feature for mechanized towing. Ventilated access panels are louvered to allow outside service in inclement weather. Standard built-in cable storage drawer, retractable earth grounding cable and top tray drain. A variety of options and special models are available with flexible equipment bay (VME, cPCI etc.) to accommodate specific customer equipment payloads. Several representative datasheets are available below. Contact US Magnetics to discuss your specific requirements.

Top-Fleet® M1K28 M1K28 OUTLINE 12 Vdc 1000A 24 Vdc 1000A (N/A)
Top-Fleet® M2K28 M2K28 OUTLINE 12 Vdc 2000A 24 Vdc 2000A (N/A)
Top-Flight® MA1-1K28 MA1-1K28 OUTLINE 12 Vdc 1000A 24 Vdc 1000A 1Ø 120V 15A
Top-Flight® MA3-2K28 MA3-2K28 OUTLINE 12 Vdc 2000A 24 Vdc 2000A 3Ø 120/208V 15A
Top-Flight® MA1-2K28 MA1-2K28 OUTLINE 12 Vdc 2000A 24 Vdc 2000A 1Ø 120V 15A