AC-DC Power Supplies / Battery Chargers

US Magnetics and Millennium Power Systems offer a range of fully-programmable power supplies – several of which are capable of functioning as smart multi-state battery chargers. Our product range includes models with rugged TRU front ends for minimum active parts count, as well as models with electronic PFC front ends for minimum weight. Below are several examples of our power supply offerings.

3P02850 3Ø 50-800Hz 1500W 115/200 (PFC) 28 Vdc
3P27005 3Ø 50-800Hz 1500W 115/200 (PFC) 270 Vdc
3P02K28 3Ø DC PS /Charger 2kW 200/208 (TRU) 28 Vdc
3P10K28 3Ø DC PS / Charger 10kW 200/208 (TRU) 28 Vdc
3P10K270 3Ø DC PS / Charger 10kW 200/208 (TRU) 270 Vdc
1P4CH-1 1Ø 4 Output PS 800W 100-240 (PFC) Multiple