Transformer-Rectifier Units

IMG_9Previously available only as special-order units – US Magnetics and Millennium Power Systems are now offering a range of standard catalog COTS  fan-cooled Transformer-Rectifier Units for aviation and ground-support applications. Our Wild Frequency and 50/60 Hz models Provide a reliable source of regulated or unregulated bulk DC power from your 3-phase supply. Isolated models from 28 VDC to 600 VDC output and non-isolated models from 270 VDC to 600 VDC output are currently available, with power ratings up to 10kW. We have also expanded our 400Hz test capability in order to extend the new Wild Frequency COTS model line to 50kW. Listed below are several representative downloadable datasheets. Please review our Technical Note Transformer-Rectifier Units – An Overview and watch our News and Updates page for announcements of the continuing release of these new catalog models!


TRU028025 Wild Frequency TRU 750W 115/200V 360-800Hz 28 Vdc
TRU27003 Wild Frequency TRU 750W 115/200V 360-800Hz 270 Vdc
TRU07050 50/60Hz TRU 2kW 200/208V 47-63Hz 70 Vdc