Type Capabilities
Power Transformers 60Hz; 400Hz; power to 50kVA
SMPS Transformers frequency to 500kHz; power to 1000W
Inductors current to 1000A
Current Transformers current to 1000A
Audio Transformers power to 1000W
Complex Multiphase Transformers 6-24 pulse; power to 50kVA
Scott T; LeBlanc Connections accuracy to ±30 seconds
EMI Filters 1Ø or 3Ø; current to 1000A
Aircraft Lighting Dimmers 400Hz; DC
Pulse-Forming Networks to 50kV peak voltage
High-Voltage Assemblies to 60kV test voltage
Transformer-Rectifier Units (TRU) 12-600V; 60/400Hz; power to 50kW
Regulated Power Supplies power to 2kW (1Ø); 10kW (3Ø)
Battery Chargers power to 2kW; SLA; AGM; LiB
Portable Power Sources 2000 CCA 12/24 Vdc; 47-800Hz; 1Ø; 3Ø