Reverse Engineering

IMG_12US Magnetics offers a “Reverse Engineering” service – duplicating the format and performance of an obsolete product sample – when the original design information is lost or unavailable.

Starting with a working sample, we can often successfully duplicate performance without damage to your unit using research along with strictly non-destructive processes such as electrical testing and radiographic inspection (X-ray). When only a non-working sample is available, we use proprietary processes of destructive physical analysis that we have developed over time. These processes were designed to minimize the risk of the loss of irreplaceable information during the tear-down procedure.

We have also assembled a small library of transformer and inductor manufacturers’ catalogs – some extending as far back as pre-1920. This information has often proven invaluable in determining the original specifications of less common catalog models.

It is often possible to adequately duplicate the function of a component when no sample at all is available, using only system schematics and performance test criteria.

Contact us with your requirement – we may be able to solve your puzzle!