In order to validate the effectiveness of US Magnetics’ design services at the completion of a specific project, prototype units and test reports are typically submitted to the customer. In some cases, when a single or only a few deliverable units comprise the complete scope of the customer’s needs, the Statement of Work may also include a limited number of production-grade units using our short-run production capability.

Along with a physical example of the design effort, various other deliverable products are also typically contracted for in the Statement of Work.

Production Documents

To enable a customer to successfully manufacture or control the configuration of additional future product, clear and complete manufacturing documentation is essential. This may be as simple as a one-page winding sheet with a built-in material list; or as complex as a formal Technical Provisioning Package in accordance with military or customer practices. Most documentation will lie between these two extremes, and may be prepared and submitted either in the customer’s format, or our own. A typical package may include an outline drawing; schematic or wiring diagram; Bill of Materials; drawings of fabricated parts; detail drawings and Gerber files of printed circuit boards; winding instructions; assembly instructions and drawings; photographic aids; in-process inspection and test plan; and acceptance test procedures. More complex designs may also include sub-assembly drawings; wire harness instructions and wire lists; subassembly test instructions and varnishing, encapsulation or final process instructions.

Purchasing and Production Support.

Projects of higher complexity or greater technical risk may require additional support documentation. These may include sub-tier manufacturer or vender quality requirements; vender certification or auditing instructions; contract quality requirements flow-down plan; or a formal multi-tier manufacturing plan. The need for this level of documentation and control is typically identified very early during the process of quotation and preparation of the Statement of Work.

Tooling and Test Fixtures

In cases where repeatability of a process or performance of a test may be hindered during the production process by the shape or size, complexity or critical nature of the product, the use of some form of tooling or fixture is often helpful. US Magnetics can supply either drawings of proposed fixtures or actual fixture hardware. If the need for a fixture or production tooling is recognized after the Statement of Work is prepared and work commenced, an addendum to the original SOW may be submitted or a new separate SOW may be prepared at the customer’s request.

From your simplest new design to your most complex technical challenge – contact us today and we will work as a member of your team – helping to bring your project to successful fruition!